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Durch unsere Vergleichsportal-Apps finden Sie schnell die richtigen Partner für Ihren Onlineshop.

20% advantage on Google CPC-cost? If you register via a "CSS-partner", Google gives 20% Shopping CPC advantage in regular search-results, compared to advertisers without a CSS-partner! Many webshops already advertise via a "CSS-partner" on Google. This can be seen in the Shopping search-results: at the bottom there is something other than "van Google", but for example "van Best Choice" (or another CSS-partner). See the image below for clarification. If you want to know more why Google gives that advantage: read more In other words: If you don't have a Google "CSS-partner", you now have a 20% CPC disadvantage compared to competitors that do have a CSS-partner. If you order "CSS-membership", Google links existing campaigns, without you having to do anything (Ads campaign management remains unchanged). Membership is provided by CCV Shop- & Google-partner ESS, and your products will be loaded on (is a requirement from Google and also chance to get free clicks from Cost Google CSS-membership "van Best Choice": Costs first quarter €15/month and following €25/month (for shop with less than 5.000 product-variants) If desired integration with other warehouses (additional package prices, for shop with less than 500 product-variants), f.e: integration (including orders & Dynamic-pricing): €75 setup-cost + €40/month (= Action-rate Dynamic-pricing feature normally has an additional cost) Winkelwagen integration (including orders and advanced functions): €75 setup-cost + €30/month (= package price from thirth integration) (package prices apply for datafeeds/integration from the same webshop-domain and language) (billing will starts when integration is online) (prices include a discount for you as a CCV Shop App user)   Procedure After App installation (or on request) we preform a pre-scan of your product-data, and report (non-committal) before starting any further realization. You can then give a "go" give to start.

Google CSS-advantage via BestChoice.Shop


Bigshopper Bigshopper exists since 2007, and is one of the first comparison sites. Bigshopper is also a Premium Google CSS Partner (Comparison Shopping Service), which makes it possible to advertise in Google Shopping 20% cheaper through Bigshopper. What is a Google CSS Partner? Since 2017, it has been possible for comparison sites that have been approved as a CSS Partner of Google to appear in search results of Google Shopping. The Google CSS partner program is especially from Comparison Shopping Services (comparison sites) and for sellers who collaborate with comparison sites. Why partner with Bigshopper Free traffic from Bigshopper (no CPC/CPS fees) 20% discount on click costs Google Shopping Active in all countries Premium Google CSS Partner & support Monthly cancellation Connect for free Connecting costs 5-10 minutes and can be arranged within 24 hours: instant 20% discount! Where will my ads be displayed on Google Shopping? Like other Google Shopping ads, ads are displayed on the right or top of the search engine when someone searches for a product. Instead of 'By Google' under the ad, the name of the relevant comparison site is listed below it, in this case Bigshopper. Monthly costs Installing the Bigshopper app is free. There are also no initial connection costs. There are monthly costs, which depend on the type of subscription, the number of countries and whether the CSS advantages are used. Bigshopper will contact you after the app has been installed to discuss this with you without obligation.    
Developer: Bigshopper



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