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The conversions marketing toolkit.

Great news! You just found the most effective tool to generate more sales with your webstore!

The problem: 

The most shops have a conversion percentage of around 3%. This means that 3 of the 100 visitors purchase something out your store while the remaining 97 visitors leave your store withour buying something.

The solution

The solution is not to buy more traffic to your webstore but to focus on the remaining 97 visitors and turn them into buyers.

With ConversionsKit you create more value out of your daily traffic. Does your webshop has a lot of visitors but not enough buyers? Are you searching for ways to expand your email base? ConversionsKit makes it possible to target different visitors groups and influence them. 

Why ConversionsKit

ConversionsKit has all the tools you will need to sell more in your webshop. Research has shown that there are around 145 ways to convince someone. The famouns American Psychologist Cialdini has made 7 of those famous for use in E-commerce stores. With ConversionsKit we are using those 7 proven ways to influence visitors.

With more than 10 apps in ConversionsKit you will always find new ways to generate more visitors, more sales and collect leads.

Collect leads

Design pop-ups, take-overs, sign-up bars, exit offers or notifications. Design everything in your own style with our easy to use drag 'n drop designcanvas. Export leads to your favorite email client (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign)

More sales

Run effective sale promotions on your website. Show special promotions to different kind of visitors or target visitors exactly at the moment that they want to leave your website.

Website messages to influence behavior
Show important messages at the right moment at the right place to your website visitors. Promo's, Events or Discounts. Everything is possible with ConversionsKit.

How does ConversionsKit work?

Step 1. Choose the location where you want to show your app. There are five different ways to show your app. You can choose between: bar, notification, alert, pop-up or a complete screen take-over

Step 2. Design your app with our easy to use drag 'n drop canvas so you can easily design your apps withour programming knowledge. 

Step 3: Target your visitors. Do you want to target visitors that have visited your website from Facebook, or only mobile visitor? With our advanced targeting system this is very easy.

1 app for all your marketing activities

ConversionsKit gives you the ability to completely design your own app en style this to your own liking. But you can also use one of the pre-defined apps within ConversionsKit:

Collect emails
Collect emails and leads in a effective manner from your website visitors.


Give hesitating visitors a discount code at the right time in their shopping proces and see your sales grow.

Exit Pop ups
Add exit pop-ups or takeovers to your website to collect leads before your visitor leaves the website.

Shopping cart and checkout offers
Prevent disbandoned shopping carts and visitors leaving your checkout with a good offer and convert your visitors before they leave.

Create time pressure
Show special offers or time sensitive offers on your website with ease. Or countdown to your next day shipping time.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
Creëer opwinding en laat je bezoekers sneller converteren door ze te laten zien dat andere bezoekers ook converteren op je website. Create excitement and let your visitors convert faster by showing them that other visitors are converting.

Gain confidence
Imrpove your conversion percentage by gaining the trust of your customers by showing your reviews from Kiyoh or other providers.

Cookie bar
Comply with the EU guideliness with ease thanks to the cookie bar.

Promote social media
More likes? Twitter followers or Instagram subscribers? Show your social media buttons at the right moment to engaged visitors. 


Product promotion

Showcase one of your products (best selling, featured etc.)

Conversion focused thema's
Complete screen offers, countdown timers, age verification, Sinterklaas, Christmass and loads of other theme's! Why use multiple apps when you have enough functionality with only one app.

ConversionsKit features 

Advanced targeting and visitors segmentation

Target your visitors based on page view, source, exit intention, time on website, mobile device, location, engagement and much more. 

Drag-and-drop design
Create the best pop-ups, promotions and notifications with our simpel to use drag 'n drop system. Don't feel like designing your app? We have some pre-defined high converting designs for you!

A/B testing
Test your conversion apps against the rest of your website. This way you will see instantly what a app generates for you.

Real-time stat dashboard

See conversions in real-time in our conversion dashboard. Measure the impact of your marketing efforts and optimize with data.

Every month new features
Our team adds new features almost every month based on user feedback, updates and trends.


We think it is important that every shop owner can use ConversionsKit, small or big. That's why we use a pricing model based on the amount of pageviews your shop gets.
Starter - 14,95
Maximum of 15.000 pageviews
All apps and features
Basic - €24,95
Maximum of 30.000 pageviews
All apps and features
Basic - €34,95
Maximum of 45.000 pageviews
All apps and features
Pro - €49
Maximum of 75.000 pageviews
All apps and features
Enterprise - €79
Unlimited pageviews
All apps and features


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