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This the official plugin for use with CCV Shop and EMS Gateway services. The plugin establishes a connection between the checkout and the EMS hosted payment page, providing your customers with the following payment method options:
•    Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s club)
•    PayPal
•    iDEAL
•    MasterPass
•    Klarna
•    Sofort
•    Bancontact
•    Maestro
In order to make use of our EMS plugin, you have to sign up for an EMS account. Our sales team and technical support team are happy to assist you with this:

Sales: +31 206 603 140, sales@emspay.eu
Technical Support: +31 206 603 130, techsupport@emspay.eu

You will receive two credentials from EMS, called the Storename and Shared Secret that you need for successful plugin installation. 
•    Support for all available EMS payment methods
•    Enable / disable payment methods
•    Able to configure each payment method
•    Toggle 3D secure transactions for the credit card payment method
•    Switch between integration and production modes
•    Select the pay mode of your preference (payonly, payplus, fullpay)
•    Transaction logs / notes in order
•    Mobile checkout page
•    Receive settlement from EMS
Installation instructions
Minimum requirements: CCV Shop version 11.3
•    When being logged in, in your CCV Shop account, Install the plugin via Appstore -> New plugin. Search for ‘EMS’. You will find the EMS payment plugin.
•    When installed, the plugin is activated.
•    Click on the logo of the EMS payment plugin
•    Click edit
•    Set the environment to Test
•    Enter your Test Store Name and Shared Secret as provided by EMS in an e-mail
•    Choose your preferred hosted payment page look&feel and payment mode. For more information, consult with EMS.
•    Click install
•    Perform test payments with different payment methods. No real money is involved.
Move to production
•    Follow the above mentioned steps
•    Click on edit
•    Change the Environment to production
•    Swap the Store Name and Shared Secret for production credentials, also provided by EMS in an e-mail


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Laatst bijgewerkt 24-07-2018
Ontwikkelaar EMS Pay
E-mail techsupport@emspay.eu
Website emspay.nl
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