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Publish, manage and analyze your products and sales on Marktplaats Admarkt. In the detailed performance dashboard you have a full overview on your ads' performance, so it's easy to manage your campaign. For total control over your campaign budget you can use the Cost Control feature.

Unique service
No knowledge of datafeed management? We have over 10 years' experience with online sales channels and love to share this with our customers. Marktfeed is no marketing agency, but we will do the setup of your account, ad optimization, maintenance and monitoring for you, so you can focus on your webshop.

- Full service: Marktfeed support always does your setup for free. Besides this you can choose for optimization, maintenance and monitoring of your account. 
- Cost Control: Set a monthly budget over all, or a selection of, your ads. Receive a budget warning email, or have your ads automatically paused by our system when the set budget is reached.
- Analyze performance: Detailed performance dashboard with a full overview on your ads’ performance like spent budget and click through rate. From here it’s easy to generate an export of your statistics.

Prices & Features
Try Marktfeed 30 days for free! Are you satisfied? You can use Marktfeed from just € 29 per month. You can change or cancel your account anytime!
See the image below for a complete overview of all features included per account and the corresponding prices. 


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