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Connections and services for marketplaces and online sales channels

EasyAds is the tool for marketplaces, Google Shopping and comparison sites. We offer smart automation for marketplace integration, order synchronisation, data feed and ppc campaign management.

•    Automatic publishing, management and analysis for all major sales channels
•    Optimisation, maintenance and monitoring by specialists
•    Clear overview of performance: Orders, revenue and costs

1. Technique as a basis

With EasyAds, you import, optimise and sell products on all major sales channels. Over the past 15 years, we have helped more than 9,000 customers with their connections, pricing and order automation. 

EasyAds - Online verkoopkanalen
  • With EasyAds, you can immediately start selling on all the well-known sales channels such as, Google Shopping, Marktplaats Admarkt and Beslist.
  • Are you interested in selling abroad? Then use one of the European sales channels and start selling through the international marketplaces of Amazon and eBay.
  • In addition to paid marketplaces and shopping sites, EasyAds also has unique connections to free sales channels to complement your paid campaigns. Costs nothing, nice bonus!

2. Automatic connections

Marketplace orders that originate from these sales channels, are automatically created in your CCV Shop store. Stock levels are then automatically updated in your shop and in the marketplace. As soon as the order is sent, we send the Track & Trace info to, for example,

EasyAds - CCV Shop koppeling met online verkoopkanalen

3. Execution determines your success
Looking for good support that speaks your language? The EasyAds support team helps you with the set-up of your account. With the in-app guided tours and information, you can easily use the tool yourself.

No time for, or understanding of online marketing? The EasyAds campaign team can help you with the tools and management of your Google Shopping and Marktplaats Admarkt campaigns. You can also contact our marketplace specialists for marketplace management on and Amazon. 

It is possible to, prior to starting campaign management, have our specialist do a scan to estimate the potential of your webshop.

EasyAds - Orders en statistieken dashboard

4. Free trial
Have you become enthusiastic? A free trial period includes the following:
  • Test sales channels such as, Marktplaats and Google Shopping Free
  • A user-friendly tool to optimise your rules and product data
  • Guided tours and support professionals to get you started with the tool
  • Unlimited time to try out the tool during your set-up and onboarding
  • 2 weeks free testing with live data after you have completed your set-up
  • No notice periods and no contracts

5. Pricing
From €49 per month. No set-up or add-on costs. Check which account type suits your needs best.

6. Why choose EasyAds?
Because it takes more than technology alone to be successful. EasyAds is, among other tools, also the developer of en

Contact the EasyAds team. We are happy to help you! Mail to or call us at 088 4800 800. From Belgium you can reach us at 078 480 508.


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