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Ship faster, cheaper and hassle-free!

Why PakketMail?
* One shipping system from which you can flexibly ship via multipe carriers.
* Generate all shipping labels with just one click after installing the PakketMail Connector.
* Easily arrange international shipping and return shipping.
* Customers of PakketMail benefit from our high volume negotiations with multiple carriers.
* In case something goes wrong with a shipment, we are your point of reference and keep status inquiries and claim handling off your back.

How does it work?
* Install the PakketMail Connector for your CCV Shop in three simple steps.
* After completing the installation your orders are automatically pushed to your shipping account at PakketMail.
* As soon as you shipping labels are pre-announced to the carrier of choice, we automatically push a status update back into your CCV shop and update your tracking information.
This way you easily save time and minimize the risk of typing incorrect addresses to 0%

Additional advantages?
* Pay per parcel shipped. No service fees, no start-up fees and no contract fees.
* Sharp shipping rates for shipping services by PostNL, DPD, DHL, UPS, Correos and CTT Correios.
* Do you have your own shipping contract with GLS? Easily connect your CCV webshop via PakketMail to GLS with our software-only solution!
* National shipping within the Netherlands already for only €4,20 per parcel.
* Automatically send Track & Trace emails to your customers in their own language.
* Manage multiple webshops and / or users from one shipping account

Additional information
* You need to have a PakketMail account in order to being able to use the PakketMail Connector. In case you do not have access yet, please reach out via


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