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Save time and fill your shop easily with a selection of over 500,000 dropship items. With high quality content in five languages, realtime stock ranging from perfumes to electronics and realtime prices. Purchasing advantage is passed on directly.

With dropshipping via Dutchcoms Catalog Platform you can pick from more than 500,000 products including premium content.

Why Dutchcoms Catalog Platform (DCP)?

Save more time, money and effort thanks to Dutchcoms Catalog Platform! It’s easy to use and very practical. Dutchcoms Catalog Platform offers you wide choice of products that you can offer on your website. For such a wide range is high quality content a requirement. Thanks to the high quality content you get supplied from Dutchcoms Catalog Platform that won’t be a problem anymore.

With a few clicks you can import and pick out of more than 500.000 different branded products from one of the most advanced platforms ever. You can pick which categories you want to offer your customers. Thanks to real-time inventory of DCP you will never have to worry about supplies. After all, you sell what we have in stock! After this procedure is done Dutchcoms will handle the logistics for you.

How does it work?

After installing the app, you can instantly start editing your CCV Shop categories to indicate which products you want to have imported into your shop. Once these are set, you can start the import process. The imported products chosen by content, price and current stock.

Additional benefits Dutchcoms App?

Direct a full, rich web store.
User-friendly interface.
Quickly and easily import products of your choice.
Always up-to-date content and stock prices.
Full, high quality content.
Easy purchase.
Logistics are handled by Dutchcoms.

about Dutchcoms

With 15 years of experience, Dutchcoms B.V. is pioneer in the field of wholesale and distribution of mobile phones, smartphones, consumer electronics, ink cartridges, watches, tools, fragrance and related accessories. Dutchcoms purchases worldwide and delivers worldwide to retailers, resellers, wholesalers and shops. All products supplied by Dutchcoms are 100% original and have factory warranty.

Dutchcoms uses quality content in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, German, French and Turkish. Our customer service will help you at all times. You can phone or e-mail, Skype and live chat to contact us.

You find the app via catalog.dutchcoms.com.

Make sure you check out our website www.dutchcoms.com for the terms and conditions and also for more information about our services.

Note: The Application is Dutch only.


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