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about is an online warehouse, very popular in the Netherlands & Belgium. Orders are placed on, and holds in the (fixed) Cost-Per-Sale. has a large volume of costumers and invests a lot in generating (new) traffic. Despite orders of your products are placed on, it can still give "exposure" for your webshop itself on screen, packing slip, promotional flyer, etc.

With this App partner ESS can provide the following integration-service:

  • submission of your product-info to (EAN/Price/Condition/Delivertime). The App "listens" to product-change-events in your webshop, f.e. stock-changes are submitted to within 15minutes.
  • for products that are not yet in the catalog: if you desire and on request to, your product-base-fields can be submitted to You can supplement mandatory data in the portal
  • the App places new orders in your webshop automatically
  • Չwebshop order-status "shipped" is automatic also set in the system, including tracking-info of the package if available (this way you can process orders in your webshop)
  • If desired, you can easily filter products for, for example, under a certain price or certain brands
  • ՉIf desired, product prices (from shop) can be automatically incremented by shippingcost and/or fixed amount/percentage for ( always offers free-shipping). If a product-price is too high compared to other prices, will hide your price for that product.

Costs of integration
Suppose you have a shop with less than 1,000 product(/variants) and after our pre-scan report you give us a "go", integration-cost will be:
  • integration: €90 setup costs + €45/month

If desired integration with other warehouses (additional package prices):
  • integration: €90 setup costs + €35/month (= package price)
  • optimized product-datafeed for Google Shopping: €13.50/country/month (= package price)
  • Amazon (f.e. Germany) integration: €90 setup costs + €27.50/country/month (= package price)
  • integration: €90 setup costs + €13.50/month (= package price)

(package prices apply for datafeeds/integration from the same webshop-domain and language)
(prices include a 10% discount for you as a CCV Shop App user)

After App installation or on request we preform a pre-scan of your product-data, and report (non-committal) before starting any further realization. You can then give a "go" for ordering the integration-services.


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